New Additions to Ormond Art Studios

In the past few months, we have had a couple of new members join. Welcome to the studio, Anna Stuart, Sinead Kampff, and Holly Pickering! Anna Stuart Anna Stuart is a visual artist currently based in Dublin, having graduated with First Class Honours from the BA Art programme at IADT, Dun Laoghaire. Encompassing a varietyContinue reading “New Additions to Ormond Art Studios”

Ormond Art Studio Graduate Talks 2022

Held online this year, Ormond Art Studios is hosting an hour-long series of talks from some of the BA graduates of 2022. The artists who will be sharing their work are our graduate resident awardee, Holly Pickering, and our shortlisted applicant, Leanne Finnegan.  This free event will be held over zoom on 5th November 2022,Continue reading “Ormond Art Studio Graduate Talks 2022”

Holly Pickering| Amanuensis

This work appropriates the phrase “whisper the secret into the hole” from the science fiction film 2046 by Wong Kar-wai. The scene from which the text draws, unfolds between an android and a man who falls in love with her. Her responses to him are delayed, which he believes to be a symptom of herContinue reading “Holly Pickering| Amanuensis”

Mary Kervick with Hilary Morton and Colin Darke| …but the words are new, 2022| Project Arts Centre

Ormond Art Studios member Mary Kervick worked with artists Hilary Morton and Colin Darke through collaborative/delegated processes on …but the words are new, 2022, Hilary Morton, Mary Kervick, Colin DarkeThe series of batik banners are on show in the Project Arts Centre as part of their current exhibition, Soon (In 45 Years’ Time) / GanContinue reading “Mary Kervick with Hilary Morton and Colin Darke| …but the words are new, 2022| Project Arts Centre”

Studio Member Bronagh Lee Billboard Collaboration

Bronagh Lee has created an illustration for Heinz Beans with Barnardos Ireland. Her work here highlights the Barnardos Breakfast Club – each pack you buy donates 3 breakfasts to Barnardos Breakfast Club, giving kids across Ireland a hot and nutritious breakfast before school! And can also be spotted on numerous billboards across Dublin City!

Holly Pickering – Graduate Residency Awardee 2022

Holly Pickering is Ormond Art Studios Graduate Residency Awardee for 2022! Holly Pickering (b.1998) is an artist based in Dublin. Her oeuvre is concerned with interrogating language structures inherent in both the corporeal act of speech and in written material, meditating upon the physical effect of language upon the body and the relationship between languageContinue reading “Holly Pickering – Graduate Residency Awardee 2022”

New Studio Members: Aoife Herrity & Mary Kervick

In the summer of 2022 we had two new artists joining the studio – Aoife Herrity and Mary Kervick. Aoife Herrity Aoife Herrity is a visual artist born and based in Dublin. She works predominantly with lens-based media and the written word. Her central concerns are led by the prevalence of insidioustrauma and the dilemmaContinue reading “New Studio Members: Aoife Herrity & Mary Kervick”