Ormond Art Studios is an artist-led, not-for-profit initiative in Dublin city and is a platform for emerging visual artists. It supports the development of arts practice through affordable studio provision, critical discourse and space for events, residencies and exhibitions.

The physical studios consist of eight individual artist spaces along with a separate, larger area which serves as The Project Space. The Project Space offers scope for work on a larger scale, embodied practice and experimentation. It is in this space that feedback sessions, events and exhibitions happen.

We believe that critical discourse is hugely beneficial to developing a professional arts practice and essential to a dynamic arts community. Ormond Art Studios encourages members to open up their practice to peer critique and facilitates lively feedback sessions, residencies, and information/skills sharing initiatives. We believe in collaboration and connecting with other creative initiatives to develop a network of support for artist‐led initiatives in Dublin and beyond.

For more information please contact: ormondartists@gmail.com

Ormond Art Studios is supported by The Arts Council and Visual Artists Ireland.

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