Ascend | Recede

Graduate Resident 2021 Ellen-Rose Wallace

Ormond Art Studios is delighted to announce this years graduate exhibition,

Ascend | Recede by artist Ellen-Rose Wallace

About the artist

Ellen-Rose Wallace is a visual artist based between Limerick and Roscommon, working primarily with video, in addition to sculpture, performance and sound art to reflect on ideas of time, passage and place. Ellen-Rose is a recent graduate of Limerick School of Art and Design where she studied Sculpture and Combined Media. Through her practice, she explores experiential time in relation to narrative; paying attention to cycles in nature, often framed through misused or displaced objects. Focusing on the separation of time as is counted from time that is experienced, her work often takes the form of unending, unfinished, or cyclical narrative structures. Within her work, there is an emphasis on human presence and absence, while the things we leave behind or unnoticed are centred.

It has been wonderful having Ellen as a resident in our little studio over the past month and we are excited to say that we will be having our first in person opening since the pandemic on the 14th of October in celebration of her wonderful work!

Link to book slots for the opening and exhibition

Ascend | Recede is a video and sound installation which borrows from the space of the attic in her grandfather’s childhood home, where she stayed for the duration of her residency at Ormond Art Studios. The work reflects on ideas of ageing and memory loss through imagery and processes of repetition and transition.

The work centres around an image of the attic wallpaper: a system of fresh pale flowers now creased and stained with time. Within the work, its repetitions are confused; distorted as though misremembered. These patterns sink, breath, and fade to form a thin skin around the blue wooden wall panels. Surrounding this, a sound installation imagines the rhythm of spiralling footsteps ascending a staircase. They circle the viewer and continue upwards, passing through the space.

The show will take place from the 14th – 17th October at Ormond Art Studios, 4 Ormond Quay Lower, Dublin 1. The opening will take place from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm on the 14th October. Opening hours for the remainder of the exhibition will be 11:00 am – 6:00 pm.

We hope to see some of you on the opening evening and during the exhibition! It is not to be missed!

Please note: While we welcome all members of the public to our exhibitions and events, unfortunately Ormond Art Studios is not wheelchair accessible due to the nature of the studios being a listed Georgian building. If you have any questions or additional requirements that would make your experience at the exhibition more comfortable do not hesitate to get in touch at

New Studio Members: Vera  Ryklova & Dennis Harvey

This September we have two new artists joining the studio – Vera Ryklova as a full time member, and Dennis as our short term let until the end of 2021.

Dennis Harvey

Dennis is an Irish filmmaker who is based between Dublin and Stockholm.

He makes work about movement, identity and the city. He is a member of Noncitizen, a film collective which tries to hand over the means of making films to those who rarely get to tell their own stories. Dennis has directed a number of short films which have screened at film and art festivals in Ireland, Sweden and the USA, and has released work with Fallow Media, the QFT Player and the Irish Times. He is currently directing two feature films: Kinopolitics, an essay about the personal politics of movement, and Celtic Utopia, a documentary about contemporary Irish identity, told through a new wave of folk and trad musicians and archive material.

Vera Ryklova

Vera Ryklova is a Dublin based artist who works in lens-based media. Vera‘s practice explores the concept of the self and the events that impact its social construction. Her own lived experience is her source and her own body is her medium. Both she deliberately uses to intimate women’s reality to the public eye. Vera performs to the lens and produces photographic and video self-portraits using the form of the series. Self-portraiture is not necessarily a genre she has focused on, it is rather the method she employs to explores her subject. 

The key concept of Vera’s practice is confrontation. The camera has a function of a distancing device she utilises to experience a state of catharsis. Her work is particularly concerned with emotional conflict that results from the clash between two realities. One reality is designed and dominated by socially constructed expectations, roles and practices, while the other is desired and formed through the concept and perception of one self. Vera’s work is multilayed. It mixes research with elements of her past and present that then undergo a specific creative process. This together builds a subject for the viewers to explore, and invites their life experiences to impact the reading of her work. 

In 2020 Vera was one of five selected Irish Talents representing PhotoIreland at Futures Photography. In 2017 she won the #hotronartworks Prize for work by a recent graduate and in 2016 she was shortlisted for the Hennessy Portrait Prize at the National Gallery of Ireland. 

Currently she has a solo exhibition at Custom House Studios and Gallery (Westport). Previously she presented two solo shows: in 2021 at Cultúrlann McAdam Ó Fiaich (Belfast) and in 2018 at Triskel Cork. She has also exhibited in several group exhibitions held in Ireland and the UK, including the Filia Feminist Conference (London, Manchaster). Vera’s work was featured in Over Journal and Source Photographic Review and it is included in the art collections of Trinity College Dublin and Arts Council Ireland. 

Originally from the Czech Republic, Vera was brought to Ireland on a journey of personal discovery and since 2007 she has been living and working here. She recently completed IADT ARC MFA (2021), and in 2015 she graduated from IADT’s BA (hons) Photography degree. 

Ellen Rose Wallace – Graduate Residency Awardee 2021

Ellen-Rose Wallace is the Ormond Art Studios Graduate Residency Awardee for 2021!

Ellen-Rose Wallace is a visual artist working across sculpture, lens based media, performance and sound art to reflect on ideas of time, passage and place. Working between her home in Roscommon and Limerick City, Ellen-Rose is a recent graduate of the Limerick School of Art and Design’s Sculpture and Combined Media programme, and is a member of the Miscreating Sculpture Collective.

Through her practice, she explores experiential time in relation to narrative; paying close attention to cycles in nature and weather, often framed through misused or displaced objects. Focusing on the separation of time as is counted from time that is experienced, her work often takes the form of unending, unfinished, or cyclical narrative structures.

Recently, her work has reflected on paradoxical impressions of time, as well as the contradictory sense of transition vs stasis that has been highlighted by the pandemic. Within her work, there is an emphasis on human presence and absence, while the things we leave behind or unnoticed are placed at the centre.

We are all very excited to have Ellen-Rose as part of the studio for the coming weeks – there are social media take overs, artist talks, and Wallace’s solo exhibition all coming this autumn.

Upcoming Art Studio Spaces at Ormond Art Studios

Today I’m excited to share two studio space opportunities at Ormond Art Studios. We are looking for one new full time member, and have one short term space let. Both spaces are available from the start of September 2021. Find out the specific details below.

Full Time Member Opportunity

Members have access our shared studio space in the heart of Dublin on Ormond Quay. There is shared studio equipment, the use of the Ormond Project Space (for any short term large work/laying out of projects/etc), as well as taking on a role in the running of the studios. Personal spaces are roughly 2 x 2.25 metres. Rent is €145 per month, including utilities, and a six month minimum residency is required. 

Short Term Space Let

This short term space let is from September – December 2021 (inclusive). The artist will have a personal space of roughly 2 x 2.25 metres. There is shared studio equipment and the use of the Ormond Project Space (for any short term large work/laying out of projects/etc). Rent is €160 per month.

All members need to comply with current social distancing guidelines and wear a mask while in the space.


Expressions of interest in joining an artist-led studio space should be sent to Please specify in the subject line of your application which of the above opportunities you are interested in.

Applications should contain:
1. CV (2 pages max)
2. Letter of interest articulating your reasons for wanting to join an artist-run space (300 words max)
3. 10 images of work/links to moving image works/website.

Deadline for applications: Wednesday 16th of August at Midnight
Applicants will find out whether or not they were successful by the 23rd August, and will have access to the studio from the start of September.

Ellie Berry – Walking as a Question Conference 2021

This July studio member Ellie Berry took part in the WAC Walking as a Question 2021 conference – held in Greece, but this year featuring remote participants all around the world – such as Ellie.

For the conference she wrote a research paper, titled “Emerging Questions and Considerations on Leave No Trace and Walking Practices”. In this paper, Ellie looks at how Leave No Trace, the outdoor ethics education programme, has been designed as a guiding mindset for how one interacts with and influences the natural environments. As the act of walking experiences an upsurge in participants, our collective mark on the environment and its natural processes increase. As artists, one can argue that there is a responsibility in how one’s engagements shape the culture around an activity, and as walking spreads into more fields of life and research, this consideration becomes all the more important. 

This paper aims to ask some emerging questions into how walking practices could incorporate or consider Leave No Trace within the practice. To investigate this topic I will be drawing on my artistic research into walking as practice, and my experience of both becoming and working as a Leave No Trace Ireland trainer.

You can find her paper to read here on her website.

She has also created an audio paper, designed as an immersive experience for people to listen to while walking. You can find the MP3 on her website at the above link, or listen to it via the below youtube video.

Exhibition Launch: A Great Public Meeting – Lauren Conway

In June this year Lauren Conway’s graduate exhibition A Great Public  Meeting launched at the IADT On Show website. Conway’s drawing practice explores empty educational spaces that  question and challenge aspirational promises put forward by the state  through formal education. Through the use of archival materials,  documentation from site visits, and found images from her teenage years,  Conway explores tensions between the empty school sites and the dense,  awkward dancefloors of teenage discos.

View Conway’s work at IADT On Show.

Her next body of work currently in  production concerns themes of state school curriculums as a vessel for  political policy.

Book Illustrating with Studio member Bronagh Lee

This year studio member Bronagh Lee published her first illustrated children’s book, ‘The Pain in the Chest’ written by Áine Murray, and has announced the second book she is working on – ‘Rosie’s Magical Umbrella’ written by Karen Ryan.

The Pain in the Chest “follows a girl through her childhood and shows how anxiety has affected her using beautiful illustrations and rhyme, we learn that when we talk about our anxiety, we can find help, and the anxiety loses its power.” In a studio vlog, Bronagh discusses the full process, from reading the manuscripts, sketching and brainstorming, to the finished illustrations.

Having seen the beautiful process behind Pain in the Chest, everyone in the studio is waiting with bated breath for “Rosie’s Magic Umbrella” – “A child’s imagination is a powerful tool, but what if it REALLY could take you anywhere? Join Rosie as she heads out on a rainy day adventure like no other!” (Release date TBA 🐠)

For now, we can share with you the amazing cover art, as well as a of sneak peaks of the inner workings …

Adrian Wojtas – ‘India Gems of Araku’ with Java Republic

Recently, studio member Adrian created some beautiful artwork for Java Republic’s new India Gems of Araku coffee (pictured above).

Adrian created a striking label to represent the people through unity. It is inspired by the people behind the coffee which consists of almost entirely indigenous tribes. The bold and vivid colours showcase the richness of Indian culture, while the lone hand reaching towards the gem represents the meticulous hand-picking process and the coffee quality itself.

Java Republic have teamed up with several independent Irish artists to create unique artworks for each of their limited edition single origin coffees. To see how Adrian made this artwork, check out this video!

Emma Battlebury – ‘Speaking Esperanto’ at Triest Gallery, Brooklyn NY

Studio member Emma Battlebury’s work features in Triest Gallery, Brooklyn NY, within the group show ‘Speaking Esperanto’.

‘Weronika’ oil on canvas, 24 x 30cm, 2020

In the exhibition literature, it discusses how it’s “ambitious to paint with the intention that everyone will understand just what it is you are painting, just as it is ambitious, even naive, to believe in a world united by a common tongue. The paintings in this exhibition were not selected because of their shared thematic content, nor were they chosen because they might speak the same visual language. Each work is able to converse not due to their formal similarity, but merely because of the ambition of the artists, who believe, much like Esperantists, in an ongoing, sometimes lateral, progression of a timeless system. Marc Matchak paints the protagonists of a Young Adult novel series, annonymizing these characters with a shifting sense of style, texture and pattern. The gray bed cover that comprises two-thirds of the frame further complicates our attempts to situate the figures between memory and their original context. Emma Battlebury’s despondent fairy is a fantastical creature with an impressively modern sense of angst. Wings drooping, head bowed, the fairy takes a phone call with a sense of gravity antithetical to her whimsical nature. Timelessness is also abundant in Georgia Gray Gardner’s vividly rendered oil paintings. A woman with eyes closed as if in veneration is haloed like saints in medieval paintings; on her neck, she wears a 90’s-style tattoo choker. Chemtrails and scarlett clouds of smoke in the background mark something foreboding in this collision of the contemporary with the divine.”

‘Ballet’ oil on canvas, 50 x 70 cm, 2020
 Installation of work at Triest Gallery, New York

New Studio Members 2021

In the past few months we’ve had a couple of new members join the studio – Adrian Wojtas, Phoebe Kelly-McDonnell, and Lauren Conway.

Adrian Wojtas – Inside

Adrian Wojtas is an artist working with photography and film – he joined the studio in December 2020.
Influenced by his bilingual and bicultural upbringing, much of his photographic work often deals with themes of identity and culture. In his work, he often makes use of carefully selected colour palettes which he utilises in order to convey the tone and mood of the scene, and to elicit an emotional response in the viewer.

Phoebe Kelly-McDonnell – Brambles wrapped around your ankle, Oil and chalk pastel on canvas, 73 x 83cm

Phoebe Kelly-McDonnell is a Dublin based painter, and joined the studio in March 2021.
Her practice is based on the active observation of the everyday, focusing on the complexities and wonder (a word intended to encompass awe and horror as well as joy) of daily existence. Through colour, gesture and form, she tries to communicate what it is to live in an impermanent body within an inherently uncertain and ever changing environment. Her works are made via a combined process of writing, drawing and painting and draw upon personal observations, poetry, film and found imagery.

Lauren Conway

Lauren Conway is a visual artist who lives and works in Dublin, Ireland, and joined Ormond in April 2021.
Through the process of drawing, her work seeks to tease out a commonality between collective memories of being a participant within educational spaces and institutions. In 2019 she was awarded a place to study at Kuvataideakatemia Helsinki as part of the University’s Erasmus programme. Recent group exhibitions include High Heart: IADT Rollover shows, Pallas Projects + Studios, Cruxx.project, Rathmichael Ring Fort, Under the seams runs the pain, Ex Lab, Helsinki and Online Program 2020, CIACLA Contemporary Irish Arts Centre, Los Angeles. Lauren is currently a member of the Douglas Hyde Student Forum III and a student associate at the National Forum of Teaching and Learning. Her writings have been published in Bloomers Art Magazine, RHA Young Art Writers Zine 2018, and as part of the online programme for cruxx.project