Kieran Gallagher – Contemporary Art and Education

Ormond Studio member Kieran Gallagher has had an essay ‘Teaching Through Contemporary Art’ published on the Arts in Education charter website. Follow the link to read what he’s been up to.

Ormond Stew

‘Ormond Stew’ is influenced by the artistic practices of the members currently residing in Ormond Studios from the perspective of its newest members. The exhibition examines how practices can exist and influence each other in this artist-led initiative. It aims to challenge and reflect upon the creative atmosphere in such an environment, and is anContinue reading “Ormond Stew”

Kieran Gallagher – Culture Night Talk in Highlanes Gallery

Image from Theresa Nanigan’s ‘not sorry’. On Culture Night in Highlanes Gallery, artist, teacher and studio member Kieran Gallagher and his students will discuss their exhibited project. The work is based on Theresa Nanigian’s 2014 exhibition ‘not sorry‘, an intimate portrait of the Irish teenager and young adult. Kieran and the students from St OliverContinue reading “Kieran Gallagher – Culture Night Talk in Highlanes Gallery”

Kieran Gallagher – Virtually There symposium

Ormond Studios member, Kieran Gallagher, representing St Oliver’s community school Drogheda, was part of a panel of invited speakers discussing different perspectives from the arts and education sectors at the Virtually There symposium on the 16th of October. Kids’ Own and Visual Art Education in Mary Immaculate College, Limerick, hosted the national symposium for theContinue reading “Kieran Gallagher – Virtually There symposium”

Ormond Studios | 5 Year Anniversary

To celebrate 5 years successful running, Ormond Studios is excited to present two exhibitions featuring new and existing work from a selection of current artists and past members who have contributed to the space since its founding. Ormond Studios was founded in 2009 by 11 recent graduates from IADT and NCAD as a non-hierarchal, self-organisedContinue reading “Ormond Studios | 5 Year Anniversary”