Ormond Stew



‘Ormond Stew’ is influenced by the artistic practices of the members currently residing in Ormond Studios from the perspective of its newest members.

The exhibition examines how practices can exist and influence each other in this artist-led initiative.

It aims to challenge and reflect upon the creative atmosphere in such an environment, and is an experiment meant to encourage conversation and integration among it’s members.

A series of conversations were conducted amongst members in the realizing of the show.
Through the course of these meetings, thematic language and common themes arose that helped shaped the show.

self reflection / self – actualisation / deliberation / a place for contemplation / an integral part to practice*life / shared experiences / sensory submersion / trust in simplicity / definitions are finite / reading not explaining / suggestion / digestion and observation/ Deceitful memory / recreated memories / objects as vehicles of memory / representations of constructed or false realities imaginary situations /


Opening: 7 – 9pm
17 & 18th of September.

All other viewings by appointment.

Jessica Kelly at the Corp-Real Symposium, Galway.


Jessica Kelly will present a paper at the Corp_Real Symposium, as part of Galway Dance Days 2015. ‘Occupation, Resistance and the Land of the Transhorizon’ will be shared at ‘The Conflict of Practice’ panel on Friday 27th of March.

Corp_Real: http://ciotog.ie/index.php/2014-01-27-18-55-43/symposium
Galway Dance Days: http://ciotog.ie/index.php/35-homepage/53-galway-dance-artist-in-residence-rionach-ni-neill-presents