Camilla Hanney – Gathering Dust

Graduate, Ormond Studios 2015


Gathering Dust

Gathering Dust, a site-specific installation, explores themes of impermanence, cycles, traces and death. It reminds us that we are all but transient beings and our bodies, along with the material world that surrounds us, are in a slow process of returning back to the dust from which we came. The installation’s fragile qualities mirror our own ephemerality, a preciousness that is constantly overlooked.

Camilla Hanney is recent graduate of Fine Art IADT and is the recipient of the 2015 Ormond Studio’s Graduate residency. This exhibition marks the culmination of her residency.

Camilla’s work is heavily informed by research, often confronting issues concerning gender, tradition, nature and time.
Material is an integral component in her practice. She uses materials that are rich in associations and investigates ways to transform them and by doing so often projects new identities and meaning onto the work. She is interested in how the unsettling qualities of an object can be disguised or reversed.
Her work asserts our compulsion to gaze at what should disturb us, toying with the tensions that lie between beauty and repulsion, curiosity and discomfort, desire and disgust.

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