Chloe Brenans “Then Gently Light Unfading”

Studio member Chloe Brenan will be screening her camera obscura film ‘Then Gently Light Unfading’ at the Triskel Art Centre in Cork City tomorrow night, April 16th 2016. The footage will be accompanied by a live performance by experimental sound project ‘The Bonk’. If you are in cork make sure you check it out.

Book binding this week in Ormond Project Space.

Studio member Chloe Brenan is collaborating with artists John Waid and Marc Reilly on the production of a hand bound book to accompany John’s installation piece at EVA 2016 titled ‘909,125 minutes later’. Shout out to the excellent technician Jamie Murphy at Distiller’s Press for letter pressing the cover. Here are some pictures of theContinue reading “Book binding this week in Ormond Project Space.”