Ormond member Helen Mac Mahon will have an exhibition, ŏp′tĭk, in Eight Gallery on Dawson Street from the 25th of April until the 4th of May. Opening reception is Friday 25th from 7-9pm. Everyone welcome!



Some images from the show.


Installation view (Photo Hyegeun Woo)


Thermochrom (2014) Sculptural light installation.

Magnichrom (2014)

 Magnichrom (2014) Sculptural light installation (Photo Hyegeun Woo)


Iridesce (2014) Sculptural light installation (Photo Hyegeun Woo)


Occuli (2014) Sculptural installation


RGB (2013) Sculptural light installation (Photo Hyegeun Woo)

Studio Space Available at Ormond Studios

A studio space has become available from Mid April in Ormond Studios. Rent is set at €100/m for all spaces (approximately 2 x 2.5m) and every member also has access to a large project space through our booking system. All members also have access to wifi, studio tools and equipment for practice related use.

Interested applicants should please send a letter of interest in becoming a member, a brief bio, examples of your work or a link to a website/blog to ormondartists@gmail.com.

****** It is very important to note that Ormond Studios is an artist led studio space and all members collectively run and programme the space. ******

Exploring Spaces

Ormond member Martina Galvin will be exhibiting work as part of ‘Exploring Spaces’ at the Braid Arts Centre in Ballymena. The show opens on the 22nd of March and runs until the 31st of May.

‘Exploring Spaces’ is an exhibition that examines place and space in its broadest sense from the macro to the micro, the global to the local, where both perceived and imagined spaces are investigated. Architecture and the built environment; interior and exterior spaces, constitute the core of this exhibition, with other tangential threads leading from this. It is designed to encourage the viewer to think further about their perception of the world that surrounds us and to view these diverse spaces that the artists offer as their own unique visions of interest. Anne O’Byrne, for instance looks at the global and national context of construction, capitalism and its effect on community. She references Jean Baudrillard and his thesis on how commerce and capitalism make human existence a matter of production and exchange. The vulnerability of nature is articulated in the stark photographs of Brian Cregan, while Fiona Mulholland creates an artificial version of the natural world with her sculptural assemblages that manifest an inherent aesthetic beauty in unexpected manmade materials.

‘Exploring Spaces’ at the Braid Arts Centre and Mid Antrim Museum features the work of twelve established artists, namely; Adrian O’Connell, Martina Galvin, Eamon O’Kane, Fiona Mulholland, Jennifer Trouton, Nuala ní Fhlathúin, Brian Cregan, Betty Gannon, Jill McKeown, Julie Merriman, Anne O’Byrne and Ian Wieczorek. It is curated by Marianne O’Kane Boal and is part of an art and architecture programme for the town of Ballymena that builds on the autumn symposium ‘Space: A Social Agenda’ and promotes principles of Civic Stewardship in the urban realm. ‘Exploring Spaces’ is complemented by a series of artists/architects interventions within the town and Borough, by Culturstruction, Donnacha Cahill, Marie Connole and curator Marianne O’Kane Boal, delivered under the Creative Citizen’s Programme.

Combining a diverse range of practices; painting, drawing, sculpture, film, video, installation and photography; this exhibition offers the opportunity to the public to explore unique spaces conjured by the artists selected. It is an engaging and memorable exhibition of work.


For The Birds – Sat 22nd March, the LAB

James Ó hAodha, For the Birds (2014); ephemeral event as part of the group exhibition Tonight, you can call me Trish; The LAB Gallery, Dublin, 2014.
***Note – this event is now taking place on Saturday the 22nd of March not the 15th as previously advertised.***
RGKSKSRG and The LAB Gallery
present:For the Birds

A newly commissioned ephemeral event by James Ó hAodha,
featuring a Macaw, a Cockatoo, and an African Grey Parrot.
Saturday 22 March 2014, 11am – 3pm
The LAB Gallery, Foley Street, Dublin 1

As part of the exhibition, Tonight, you can call me Trish, artist James Ó hAodha has been commissioned to devise an encounter with a specific community of interest. His work For the Birds is a one-off event; a series of idiosyncratic exhibition tours, which takes place in the gallery over a single day – the final day of Trish. Teasing out notions of what constitutes ‘audience’ and ‘exhibition’, the artist plays with the presence of three hand-picked exotic birds -a Macaw, a Cockatoo, and an African Grey Parrot. The birds will simultaneously occupy the gallery both as viewer and live performer, activating, intervening and, in moments, becoming complicit with the language of display, aesthetics, and the mediation of contemporary visual art.

Exhibition tours will run every 40 minutes, from 11am until 3pm, each lasting 15 minutes.

Admission free, no booking required. Please note, due to the nature of this event, these timings are prone to change, and also, in moments, there may be limited access in the gallery.

James Ó hAodha (b. 1985, Wexford, Ireland)
is an interdisciplinary artist based in Dublin.
Since graduating from NCAD in 2009, Ó hAodha has continued to develop a socially engaged practice, working for the most part beyond the bounds of the exhibition space. Interested in the creation of encounters, his work often takes the form of intervention, performance/action and exchange, with a shared focus on how temporal encounters and site-specific work can inhabit and intersect with the space of the gallery. Ó hAodha has been involved in projects with Mermaid Arts Centre, Bray; The Joinery, Dublin; The Drawing Project, Dun Laoghaire; Fringe
Festival, Dublin; Resort, Donegal; Chapter Arts Centre, Cardiff; Irish Museum of Contemporary Art; and Tulca, Galway, amongst others.
He is currently a member of Ormond Studios, Dublin.

For more information, please contact:
Rachael Gilbourne/Kate Strain – rgksksrg@rgksksrg.com

Or Sheena Barrett – sheena.barrett@gmail.com


Helen Mac Mahon will be taking part in ‘Tactile’, Catalyst Arts upcoming exhibition. Opening Thursday 6th of March and running until the 14th.


An exhibition of work to coincide with The Belfast Children’s Festival.

Tactile is a one to one experience that has a direct encounter with the viewer, that reinforces the bond between artist and audience. Tactile embraces engagement with the work rather than the usual “Do Not Touch Artworks’.

Works from Rachel Campbell Palmer, DSNT, Clodagh Lavelle, David Fredrick Mahon and Helen Mac Mahon.

– See more at: http://www.catalystarts.org.uk/#sthash.q9qdarEr.dpuf



Link to the review of the show Tactile in Catalyst Arts, Belfast by Slavka Sverakova


Some images of the installation (Photos by Jordan Hutchings and Neil Harrison)

Polychromatic Shadow Configuration Device

 Polychromatic Shadow Configuration Device (2013) Installation view (Jordan Hutchings)


The Polychromatic Shadow Configuration Device in action. (Jordan Hutchings)


(Image Neil Harrison)

‘Your Otoliths’ Booked Out!


Due to popular demand, Mary-Jo Gilligan’s ‘Your Otoliths – An Audio Route Guide to The LAB Gallery for Minecrafters’ taking place on Saturday 1 March 2014 is now fully booked out!



Some Photographs of the Event ‘Your Otoliths – An Audio Route Guide to the LAB Gallery for Minecrafters’


For those who were not fortunate enough to secure a ticket, here are a few photographs of the event as it wove its way through the streets of Dublin city centre…

Hot potato hand warmers from Coin de Mire restaurant in the Moore Street MallHot potato hand-warmers from Coin de Mire restaurant in the Moore Street Mall. (Photo Kate Strain)



Himalayan pink rock salt lick from the inventory at the Oriental Pantry supermarket on Moore Street (Photo Kate Strain)


Junction of Moore Land, Henry Place, ‘an ideal pot-holed spot to see old cobblestone city roads that usually remain hidden under the thick heavy tarry blanket upon many Dublin Streets’. (Photo Kate Strain)


Earl Place Canyon. (Photo Kate Strain)


Precious gemstone pineapple parcel. (Photo Kate Strain)

‘Your Otoliths- An Audio Route Guide to the LAB Gallery for Minecrafters’ and ‘For the Birds’.

Two dates for the diary!

Our own Mary-Jo Gilligan and James Ó hAodha will be creating ephemeral events as part of The Lab’s current group show ‘Tonight, you can call me Trish’.

‘Your Otoliths- An Audio Route Guide to the LAB Gallery for Minecrafters’, Saturday March, 1st, 11am-3pm
(To register for participation, please visit www.thelab.ie)
Mary-Jo Gilligan has been commissioned to create an ephemeral event that sets the context for a niche engagement with the exhibition and its locale. The work titled ‘Your Otoliths- An Audio Route Guide to the LAB Gallery for Minecrafters’, unfolds as a guided journey custom built for the Minecraft gaming community.

‘For the Birds’, Saturday 15th of March, 11am-3pm
James Ó hAodha has been commissioned to devise an encounter with a specific community of interest. His work ‘For the Birds’ is a one off event, which takes place in the Lab gallery over a single day. Teasing out notions of what constitutes ‘audience’ and ‘exhibition’ he plays with the presence of three hand-picked exotic birds who similtaneously occupy the gallery both as viewer and live performer, activating, intervening, and, in moments becoming complicit with the language of display, aesthetics and the mediation of contemporary visual art.

Tonight, you can call me Trish

Ormond members Mary-Jo Gilligan and James O hAodha will have work in the upcoming exhibition ‘Tonight you can call me Trish’. Curated by Rachael Gilbourne and Kate Strain, the exhibition in The Lab, Foley Street, will open on Thursday 6th February and run until 22nd March. Details to follow soon on both James and Mary-Jo’s ephemeral contributions to the show in March!


Blue Monday

Ormond member Helen Mac Mahon will be exhibiting work as part of Blue Monday the upcoming exhibition in MART, Rathmines. The opening event is on Monday 20th January. The exhibition will run until Sunday 2nd of February.


Instead of using art as a means of amplifying the miseries of life, this exhibition seeks out the beautiful in the little moments of everyday life. Inspired by Arthur Schopenhauer’s notion that art provides relief from the incessant suffering of life, works included in this exhibit are meant to offer respite from an art scene obsessed with its own misery. Taking place during what some argue is the most miserable time of the year, this exhibition will showcase multi-media works that explore themes of beauty, happiness, serenity, and other expressions intending to provide relief from life’s hardships.

Exhibition Opens on Blue Monday 20th January 2014 @ 6pm. Runs 20th Jan – 2nd Feb. Open 1-7pm Daily.

Curated by El Putnam

Artists: Kajsa Bäckström, Liam Campbell, Mary Cooke, Derville Conroy, Justyna Gruszczyk, Madeline Hellier, Anthony Kelly, Helen MacMahon, Rosalind Murray, Rime Otilla Qvale, EL Putnam, Sarah Rado, David Stalling.


 RGB (2013) Sculptural light installation (Photo Sarah Rado)


Polychromatic Shadow Configuration Device (2013) Interactive light installation. (Photo MART)


Installation view (Photo Rosalind Murray)


Installation view (Photo Sarah Rado)


Generator feature Blue Monday

Link to DCTV’s magazine arts show Generator series 2 part 1,  Blue Monday is featured approx 8.30 minutes in!