Ormond Studios Announce Residency Opportunity For 2015 Graduates.

397968_10152767460395262_1643764763_nOrmond Studios is delighted to announce a residency opportunity for a 2015 graduate. The selected graduate will receive the use of a studio space from the 23rd of September to the 21st of October culminating with a solo exhibition at the end of the residency. In addition they will have peer support from studio members, access to a larger project space and use of studio equipment.

The residency will be awarded on the basis of applications to this open call. Submissions to include up to 10 images of work (jpeg or pdf), an artist statement, a project outline for the duration of the residency and a link to website/blog if the applicable.
Please submit your application by 5pm on Friday 21st of August to ormondartists@gmail.com Please write ‘Residency application’ in the subject line.

Best of luck to all the applicants!

New members for Ormond Studios

Ormond Studios is delighted to be welcoming two new members – Steven Maybury and Eoin O’Dowd.

Steven Maybury is a Dublin based artist who’s practice investigates the temporality of material. His focus is on our relationship with the temporary as a way to reflect upon the beauty and the energy rooted in the rhythms and cycles of our surroundings, of our consciousness, and of our interrelationships with the world.


The Drawing Suite
6-Double Speak RHA 2013 copy 2

Double Speak, RHA 2014.

Eoin O’Dowd uses a variety of media in his practice including paper and video collage and sculpture. “Much of my work lends heavily from an ongoing fascination with mythological narrative and folkloric custom and the use of ceremonial and sacred objects in their relation to modernity. These are experiments attempting to correlate what is perceived as sacred within modern sensibilities. As of late, work has focus on the creative method rather than it’s outcome”.

More examples of Eoin’s work can be found at ingirumimusnochte.wordpress.com

Eoin O'Dowd - Paper Collage - James VI & I after John de Critz Eoin O'Dowd - Paper Collage - Charles I after Robert Peake

Royal Scots, 2013 (Two from a series of three paper collages)



Helen Mac Mahon – ‘Profero’, Draíocht Theatre

Helen-Email-Invite-lowres copy

Ormond member Helen Mac Mahons beautiful solo show ‘Profero’ will run in Draíocht from 8th May until 11th July.

Review of the show http://www.draiocht.ie/blog/entry/des_kenny_reviews_helen_macmahon_profero

The work in Profero is the result of a fascination with the phenomena of light, movement, perception and space. They are the result of observation and they function to reveal the artificial ecosystem that exists between the viewer and these intangible elements. They co-exist in a state of continual flux, changes occurring in one facet having a perceptible impact on the others. The pieces are experimental in nature and this exploratory process is as important as the finished piece. Commonplace materials, such as light, glass, and lenses are used, showing their potential to act in surprising ways, distorting and obscuring the very things it is their function to reveal. The curiosity of the viewer is rewarded as their interaction shows them to be a catalyst, ‘activating’ the works and bringing to light latent potential in the materials and the beauty of the natural laws that create them.

Jessica Kelly at the Corp-Real Symposium, Galway.

Jessica Kelly will present a paper at the Corp_Real Symposium, as part of Galway Dance Days 2015. ‘Occupation, Resistance and the Land of the Transhorizon’ will be shared at ‘The Conflict of Practice’ panel on Friday 27th of March.

Corp_Real: http://ciotog.ie/index.php/2014-01-27-18-55-43/symposium
Galway Dance Days: http://ciotog.ie/index.php/35-homepage/53-galway-dance-artist-in-residence-rionach-ni-neill-presents

Rachel Marum ‘WET’, Hive Emerging Gallery


Ormond artist Rachel Marum will be exhibiting work in Waterford as part of Hive Emerging Gallery’s group exhibition ‘Wet’. The show opens on Thursday the 19th of March and will run until the 2nd of April. You can find out more about the show via their facebook event page- https://www.facebook.com/events/285220334935591/


Martina Galvin with St Laurence O’Toole CBS & Senior GIrls School – Barges, Canals & Gardens

Invite barge-2

A project that Ormond artist Martina Galvin was involved in is to be featured on News2day.rte, at 4.25pm on the 9th March. Martina worked with St Lawrence O’Toole’s CBS and St Lawrence O’Toole’s Senior Girls School on a series of barge sculptures. They will be exhibited as part of ‘Plants and Soil in our City Gardens and Canal Banks’ with the Five Lamps Arts Festival. The work will be on show from the 9th until the 13th of March.

The article appears 2.05 minutes into the programme -http://www.rte.ie/player/ie/show/10384828/

More information about this project and the rest of the Five Lamps Arts Festival programme can be found here – http://www.fivelampsarts.ie/new/

Rachel Marum – ‘Get In Lane’ at Catalyst Arts, Belfast.


Studio member Rachel Marum is going to be exhibiting work as part of Catalyst Arts Recent Graduate Show 2015, ‘Get in Lane’! The show opens on Thursday the 5th of March and will run until the 28th. Should be well worth checking out if you happen to be in Belfast!

Avril Corroon nominated for Plastik Award


Our favourite Nike Air clad graduate residency 2014 winner Avril Corroon has been shortlisted for the Plastik award for artists working with the moving image. She was nominated for the piece she created during her residency with Ormond last year, ‘JUST DO IT’. It will be screened along with the other selected works in the IFI on Saturday and the overall winner will be announced. Good luck Avril from everyone here!!!

For the first year of PLASTIK we are pleased to announce an award for new work. The programme will consist of recent work highlighting a new generation of Irish artists engaging with the moving image. This came into focus through discussions generated within the Critical Forum Dublin group, recognising the need for an award that distinguishes this area of practice. The programme demonstrates the wide range of approaches to this medium, offering a diverse perspective on contemporary moving image practice. With works by Avril Corroon, Anita Delaney, James Greenway, Tracy Hanna and Eoghan Ryan. The final winner will be selected by guest curators and announced on the occasion of the Dublin screening.
Curated by LUX Critical Forum Dublin
SCREENING : 42 min
Avril Corroon JUST DO IT (2014 ) 06 min
James Greenway Heads (2012) 04 min
Eoghan Ryan This Fecund Lump (2012) 19min
Tracy Hanna Aberrations (2013) 09 min
Anita Delaney YOU ME AND IT (2014) 04 min

Helen Mac Mahon – ILLUSION, Discovery Place, Carolina


Ormond member Helen Mac Mahon will have work in ‘ILLUSION’, the Science Gallery’s touring exhibition that opens in Discovery Place, Charlotte, Carolina tomorrow.

‘ILLUSION is a perception-shattering insight into the human mind, playfully combining the techniques used by magicians and explored by psychologists. ILLUSION shows that what we perceive is often radically different from the reality of what our eyes observe.

Gaze into a mirror and morph into your inner animal at All the Universe is Full of the Lives of Perfect Creatures. Delicate Boundaries creates a space that allows the worlds inside our digital devices to move into the physical realm as bugs crawl off the screen and onto your body and Counter, using a trompe l’oeil effect, tries to convince us that a two dimensional object is actually three dimensions.

More artworks and interactive demonstrations will offer further insight into the human mind through an exploration of the motivations and mechanisms of sensory deception’.

ILLUSION was curated by psychologist, author and magician Richard Wiseman; researched by deception artist Paul Gleeson, who is also the world’s youngest professional escapologist; and created by Science Gallery at Trinity College Dublin, pioneers of the Global Science Gallery Network.

More information on the exhibition can be found here http://www.discoveryplace.org/museum/exhibit/39/ILLUSION