International Artists Exchange

International Artists Exchange 

Ormond Studios 26th and 27th May 2012

Still from 'O CARNAVAL É UM PALCO' | 2012 (vídeo | HD vídeo transferido para DVD, 1h 32' 35'', 16:9, cor, som) by Rui Mourão
Still from ‘O CARNAVAL É UM PALCO’ | 2012
(vídeo | HD vídeo transferido para DVD, 1h 32′ 35”, 16:9, cor, som) by Rui Mourão

Ormond Studios was proud to be part of BLOCK T’s 2012 LINK Cultutrefest  intiative.

The weekend festival  showcased and celebrated the culture, art and people that make up the diverse community that exists in Smithfield and its surrounding areas.

Ormond linked in with LINK Cultutrefest’s international partners, Château de Servières in Marseille, Castelo d’If and Platafórma Revolver in Lisbon plus local art space Flatpack Studios.Ormond Studio member Martina McDonald is one of twenty selected Dublin based artists participating in the International Artists Exchange between Dublin studios and studios in Lisbon and Marseille. This project focused on developing a model for a continuing transnational exchange programme. LINK CULTUREFEST facilitated a dialogue between art spaces and professionals in the area, with the purpose of developing lasting national and international relationships across the cultural field. In May 2012 Ormond Studios hosted an exhibition of works by four artists participating in the programme:


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Saturday 26th May 2012

Ormond Studios 12pm-2pm

All are most welcome to the exhibition opening of work by:

Ormond Studios artist Martina McDonald
Lisbon artist Rui Mourão
Flatpack Studios artist Paul Doherty
and French artist Marc Quer

If you can’t make it the opening you can also view the exhibition (and visit our Open Studios) the following day, Sun 27th May, from 12-6pm.

This exhibition forms part of the International Artist Exchange strand of Link Cuturefest which Ormond Studios are delighted to be part of.



‘Junkspace’ 1200mm x 1200mm Colouring Pencil on Paper, 2012, Paul Doherty


Les confins de l'univers 2005 Marc Quer
Les confins de l’univers 2005 Marc Quer


Rui Mourão 2012
Rui Mourão 2012


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