Peer Critique and Open Forum

internal peer critique November

The benefits of shared knowledge and group discussion are evident in colleges throughout the country. Encouraging the discussion of artwork in a critical and contextual format allows artists to broaden their understanding of their fellow artists’ work and familiarise themselves with the appropriate terminology for describing artworks. It encourages the confidence required when speaking about one’s work and helps develop the ability to describe your work processes coherently and concisely. Group critique sessions are rich in positive factors. Improving knowledge and critical understanding and encouraging constructive criticism between artists are of unlimited importance and have been introduced into the weekly studio practice at Ormond Studios through the group critique sessions.

These are bi-monthly events, with internal peer critiques and public peer critiques alternating every two weeks. Public peer critiques are open to non Ormond Studios artists who wish to present or attend the events.

For updates on the next group critique please view our new/events page, or on our Facebook page.


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