Practice 2010


The Ormond studios Lecture Series 2010


PRACTICE was a three-day lecture series held in Ormond Studios running from the 7th to the 9th of December 2010. The series was designed for undergraduates, emerging artists and interested members of the public.

The aim of the lectures was to promote pro-active engagement within the artists’ community and to encourage emerging artists to take a
positive approach to the current economic climate and take initiative. Within this lecture series, we brought together practitioners from various fields of the arts to discuss the different methodologies of their practice. These talks were not ‘how-to manuals’ but designed as a source of inspiration and encouragement for upcoming graduates and emerging artists alike. The speakers where selected based on their pro-activity within the arts and their ability to connect and encourage with the audience of growing artists. We also selected speakers for practical information, citizens information talked about money management and social welfare.

The topics covered areas such as setting yourself up as an artist or curator; getting involved with collectives; setting up your own space; grants and financial options. The selected speakers were emerging artists, members of collaborative art spaces, mentors,funding entities and art practitioners, all of whom shared their experiences and provide valuable information about operating in a competitive creative environment. Following each group of speakers the audience had the opportunity to ask questions during our open forum.

We organised the lecture series as a result of there being so much information out their but no space for emerging artists to easily access it.

Ormond Studios and its programme of events is a reaction to the lack of opportunities provided for graduating and emerging artists in Ireland.



Click here for above PDF of original poster with details of events, *speakers and timetable:

PRACTICE Ormond Studios Lecture Series


This lecture series is made possible through the generosity and
goodwill of our speakers, the members of Ormond Studios and the
financial support of The Arts Council Ireland.


*Vaari Claffey was moved to the 9th
December at 2pm. Also, Tom Stewart also spoke with Jonah and Andreas from Exchange.


VAI Practice Reveiw by Sean OSullivan

Click here for PDF of report on PRACTICE by Seán O’Sullivan published by the Visual Artist Newsheet in 2011 (pictured above).


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