Steven Maybury

2-Groove Chronicles 2014 copy

Groove Chronicles, 2014, Market Studios, Dublin.

Steven Maybury is a Dublin based artist who’s practice investigates the temporality of material. His focus is on our relationship with the temporary as a way to reflect upon the beauty and the energy rooted in the rhythms and cycles of our surroundings, of our consciousness, and of our interrelationships with the world.

6-Double Speak RHA 2013 copy 2

Double Speak, RHA, 2013

8-Untitled, Synthesis 2013 copy

Untitled, Synthesis, Eight Gallery Dublin, 2013

1- Untitled Tulca festival 2014 copy

Untitled, Tulca Festival Galway, 2014.

7-998pc Jigsaw, Catalyst Arts. 2013 copy 2

Jigsaw, Catalyst Arts Belfast, 2013.
The Drawing Suite

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