Rachel Marum


Familiar Forms (2014) Teak door

Rachel Marum (b. 1991, Laois, Ireland) is a Dublin based artist who graduated in Fine Art from Limerick School of Art & Design in 2014. She has exhibited work from her graduate show in ‘WET’ Hive E Merging, Waterford, ‘Get In Lane’ Catalyst Arts, Belfast, ‘Origins’ L.C.A St. Carthage Hall, Waterford, ‘Overture’ Damer House Gallery, Tipperary.

'Manipulated Hanging', mixed media on found materials, 2014-3

Manipulated Hanging (2014) Mixed media on found materials.

Artist Statement

I work primarily with painting and sculpture, exploring an ongoing concern with the language of painting and the balance between painting and object. I examine the relationships between prosaic objects and paintings, and their extended physical, spatial, and perceptual properties. I focus on the relationship and interaction of material and paint – how painterly aspects (formation, positioning, and containment of paint) are offset by sculptural ideas (weight, tension, balance of materials). The particular concerns of each work dictate the materials used and method of working. I look for interesting attributes of objects – surface textures and colours giving them their character. A concern with establishing a playful visual consistency and gestural language aims to excite an intuitive sensation where it is unlooked for and unexpected.

Graduate Show, Installation view II, 2014

Graduate Show (2014), Installation View.

'Manipulated Hanging', 'Framed', 'Overture' 2014, Damer House Gallery, Roscrea copy

Damer House Gallery, Roscrea (2014), Installation view



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