Nessa Darcy

Nessa Darcy is a creative entomologist seeking to bring people and nature together again. Currently based in Dublin, with a little bit of her heart still in Romania and Madagascar, she holds a BA in Fine Art Print (National College of Art and Design), an MSc in Biodiversity and Conservation (Trinity College Dublin), and a Postgraduate Certificate in Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Enterprise (University College Dublin). Nessa’s daft and usually fauna-inspired paintings and prints have been exhibited internationally, and she forms one quarter of the art collective Soft Blonde Moustache.

Studying wildlife has been a life long passion which recently brought her to SEED Madagascar as a conservation team leader. She rediscovered the power of creativity to inspire and educate while teaching environmental education and art to children, training ecotourism guides and studying Madagascar’s colourful biodiversity over her sixteen month stay.

Insects are the most diverse, abundant and under appreciated living things on earth, and Nessa’s favourite. Diversity and harmony, of both insects and humans, is the underlying theme of Nessa’s current creations and collaborations, further fuelled by her engagement with movement meditation and Discovery Gospel Choir, Ireland’s leading intercultural choir.

Photograph by Misa Webber
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