Keshet Zur


                                  Boat (site specific, clay and seeds)

Keshet Zur (1988) is a multidisciplinary artist and cofounder of Expressive Arts Ireland. Keshet was born in Scotland, grew up in Israel as well as Kilkenny and has been based in Dublin for the past 10 years. Keshet studied fine art at KCAT Co. Kilkenny, she then moved to Dublin and completed her B.A in Photography and Media at Griffith college. Following her graduation she undertook a Masters degree in Expressive Art Therapy at the European Graduate School in Switzerland. Keshet joined Ormond Studios in late March 2014.

Keshet’s practice focuses on photography as a three dimensions practice, this can be reflected in the way the work is made as well as the way it is presented.

Images from Ormond members group exhibition 2016…

exhibFrom left to right:

Cactus I (photograph)

Cactus II (mixed media: photograph, nails and thread)

Mermaid (mixed media: photograph, nails and thread)

Mermaid seeking an abortion was found washed out on the shore of England (text on paper)

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