Helena Tobin

We experience the world through the frames of our beliefs. Some beliefs are consciously chosen by ourselves, however many are inherited or imposed through our culture and society. Often these disavowed beliefs lurk just beneath the surface of the everyday, in uncanny histories/stories, in our folklore and our myths. Through these narratives unresolved, tragic and tainted events hide in plain sight, occupying a world somewhere between fact and fiction. These stories (and the beliefs associated with them) become embedded within our culture, our landscape and even in our own personal narratives.

Like a trauma, that can only be fully accessed indirectly, I attempt to look what lies behind these stories, through the beliefs that surround them. Some leave visible traces on the landscape – the landscape becoming not just what we see, but a way of seeing, a cultural construct which mirrors our sense of identity, our memories and our myths. By connecting ambiguous meanings and associations, I am attempting to view these histories, stories and places, sideways. Through the use of moving image and mixed media installation, I propose a visual narrative in the hope of accessing an alternate view to the often restrictive narrative which currently exists.


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