Helen Mac Mahon

Eidolon (2015) Immersive light installation, Platform Arts Belfast.


Helen Mac Mahon is  a Dublin based artist who graduated from Fine Art DIT, Portland Row in 2013. Her work has been exhibited in The Model, Sligo, Draíocht, Platform Arts Belfast, The Science Gallery (both in Dublin, the US and Malaysia), Moxie Studios, The Market Studios, The Atrium TBG&S, Block T, MART, Catalyst Arts Belfast, Eight Gallery, Steambox and the Talbot Gallery.  She first came to Ormond Studios as the recipient of their six week graduate residency programme. She has subsequently become a full time studio member.


 Revelators I-VII  (2013) Sculptural installation

 Artist Statement

I work primarily with installation and sculpture and my work is concerned with the phenomena of light, movement, perception and space, revealing the artificial ecosystem that exists in the interplay of these elements. Rarely static, they exist in a perpetual state of transformation. I use commonplace items and attempt to maintain the integrity of these materials  while the viewer is allowed to experience them in a new and often surprising way.

helenmacmahon.wordpress.com  www.facebook.com/helenmacmahonart


Hydroscope (2014) Sculptural installation

Magnichrom (2014)

 Magnichrom  (2014) Detail – Sculptural light installation


 Occuli (2014) Sculptural installation


Prismatic Rose (2013) Light installation


 Spectrum Projector (2013) – Sculptural light installation



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