James Ó hAodha – The Crank Set Gang Rally


Great article about James O hAodha’s event for this years Bealtaine Festival, the Crank Set Bike Gang Rally

Originally posted on The Patchwork Quill:

If you happened to stroll through Dublin’s Phoenix Park last Saturday afternoon, you may have found yourself a victim of the mischievous ‘Crank Set’.

Dozens of innocent passersby were accosted by a group that came from nowhere and took over the park on their bicycles. Clad in black bomber jackets emblazoned with their gang logo, they swooped on unsuspecting members of the public.

A far cry from the sophisticated sportsmen of the Giro d’Italia, these rowdy riders circled and chased people, sped down paths dragging sticks across railings, and created an unearthly racket wherever they went, thanks to playing cards jammed between the spokes of their wheels.

This surreal scene was actually the culmination of a unique art project forming part of the Bealtaine Festival, an all-island Irish festival which celebrates creativity as we age.

The Crank Set Bike Gang Rally. Photographer: Eoin Kirwan

View original 489 more words here – http://thepatchworkquill.com/2014/05/14/on-your-bike-theres-a-new-gang-in-town/

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