Periodical Review #3 Martina Galvin 2013

Ormond member Martina Galvin discusses the third Periodical Review In Pallas Project/Studios, the inclusion of her work and her current practice.


What is the Periodical Review?

 The Periodical Review is a unique, yearly survey of Irish contemporary art practices. It looks at commercial gallery shows, museum exhibitions, artist-led and independent projects and curatorial practices. It is not a group exhibition per se, more a discussion, a critical account of contemporary practice. Pallas Project/Studios presents the third Periodical Review at their studios and project space in Dublin’s historic area of The Coombe from December 6th 2013

 How did you become involved?

 Every year, Pallas Project/Studios invite two peers-artists, writers, educators, curators, to review and nominate a number of art practices/ artists. Through an editorial type of meeting 20 artists were chosen.

Mark Cullen selected Martina’s work. “Mark had seem my work at the VAI speed curating event earlier this year, and subsequently made a studio visit, from which he then selected work for Periodical Review #3”.

Of Martina’s work, he writes, “I was subject to a most intense experience courtesy of the VAI’s ‘Speed Curating’ event at their Get Together at NCAD, where over an hour, six artists presented their work to me in a room where twenty or so other curators listened intently to other artists making their pitches. Martina Galvin presented images of her somewhat diverse practice. Her work was such that it enticed a first-hand viewing. At her studio the collection of perspex rods lying in ordered and chaotic arrangements catching and reflecting light, projecting shadows and coloured hues intertangled on the wall and floor that supported them. The works use light as their primary material, light that is captured temporarily by the changing conditions of their site. The ambient conditions become synchronous with these modular surfaces, these three dimensional line studies”.

Can you tell us a little about your practice and the specific work included in Periodical Review #3?

 My own practice involves a process of working with selected materials, working with light, and bringing the two together. The work is delicate and temporary, and could be described as sculptural drawings. In the current pieces in the studio, as well as the work on show at PPR#3, I am building up a series of works, looking at the different ways of working within the architecture of the space. For PPR #3, I choose the mirrored piece, ”Sparks of Light” , as it suited the nature of the space and the situation of a group event.

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