Lux & Lumen Helen Mac Mahon 2013

We are delighted to invite you to ‘Lux & Lumen’, solo exhibition by our graduate award recipient Helen Mac Mahon, opening tonight Wednesday 30th October at 6pm in Ormond Studios. The show will include new works created during her six week residency at Ormond.
Helen’s work is concerned with the phenomena of light, movement, perception and space revealing the artificial ecosystem that exists in the interplay of these elements. Rarely static, they exist in a perpetual state of transformation. Commonplace materials are used and the integrity of these materials maintained while the viewer is allowed to experience them in a new and often surprising way.
Opening reception Wednesday the 30th of October 6-8pm. Viewing by appointment 31st October – 5th November.
Prismatic Rose (2013)
Cellular Projection (2013)
Chromomotion (2013)
RGB I-II-III  (2013)
Liquid Crystal Display (2013)

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