KITCHCOCK by Xnthony 2013

Hi friends,Fellow Ormond Studios member Xnthony Keigher (the lovely man responsible for this brilliant piece attached), is currently fundraising for his upcoming Fringe Fest spectacular KITCHCOCK on Having some insider info (overhearing all of X & Co.s production meetings…) I can tell you that it’s going to be something else.

The clock is ticking on this one (2 days left!) so if you feel at all inclined to help make this cracking pop-tastic sensation happen – go to fund it right now and make a pledge!

The amount can be less than the reward amounts, and the funds will only be debited from your account when the target is reached. So go for it and help push this ice-cream adorned parade float* over the finish line!

Thanks a mill!

*This is a figure of speech – an actual ice-cream adorned parade float may not feature in the show.

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