Cow House Residency 2011

Cow House Studios Residency

On May 23 , 8 of the Ormond Artists will be commencing a short term residency at the Cow House Studios. The residency will run until June 5th. Artists Alan James Burns, Nicky Teegan, Sandra McAllister, Jackie Gray, Martina McDonald, Kevin Kirwan, Eithne Griffin and Phillip White will temporarily move their shared studio practice out of Dublin, providing a new environment, time for reflection and a place for exchange away from their daily routine.

Cow House is an art studio located in County Wexford. It provides a space for personal expression, innovative processes and exchange. They run an art education program for children, teens and adults, facilities for college, school and artist led groups and an artist in residence programme for professional artists. The project began in 2005.

As part of the exchange, Cow House Studios directors, Rosie O’Gorman and Frank Abruzzese will exhibit at Ormond Studios later this year.

Find out more about Cow House Studios here:

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