Emma Hopkins


Emma is a visual artist from Co. Dublin; she graduated in November 2018 with a B.A Honours degree in Art from Dun Laoghaire Institute of Art, Design and Technology. Emma’s current work is about the everyday spaces we inhabit and the spatial practices we produce in them. Arising from her interest in how architects and planners think about space in three dimensions. She creates installations that adapt and change in scale depending upon the interior architecture of a particular place. Emma uses photography to document different spaces, domestic and industrial. This aids her in the structures she
creates which use the language of painting to communicate elements of interior and exterior spaces.

The idea of construction-deconstruction-reconstruction is an important part of her work as each society is producing and reproducing space to meet new needs and functions. Therefore, Emma is interested in how language is used to describe specific spaces and spatial practices. Language also allows us to imagine the body in a space. As there is already a mental image associated to the word ‘kitchen’, for example, there is an expectation of how such a space is used: how our bodies move
around that space, the specific objects and structures inhabiting this space. She sees all of these elements as contributions to what she calls “performing space.”

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