Book binding this week in Ormond Project Space.

Studio member Chloe Brenan is collaborating with artists John Waid and Marc Reilly on the production of a hand bound book to accompany John’s installation piece at EVA 2016 titled ‘909,125 minutes later’. Shout out to the excellent technician Jamie Murphy at Distiller’s Press for letter pressing the cover. Here are some pictures of theContinue reading “Book binding this week in Ormond Project Space.”

Phototropism Co-curated by Stephen Maybury

PHOTOTROPISM 7 Apr-8 May Opening 7 Apr 6.30pm Phototropism brings together works by 11 contemporary photographers with distinct, diverse, and playful approaches, assembled at The Library Project amongst a growing botanic display that will evolve over a month-long installation. The exhibition includes the works of Viviane Sassen, Ciarán Óg Arnold, Miriam O’ Connor, Paul Gaffney,Continue reading “Phototropism Co-curated by Stephen Maybury”

Kieran Gallagher – Contemporary Art and Education

Ormond Studio member Kieran Gallagher has had an essay ‘Teaching Through Contemporary Art’ published on the Arts in Education charter website. Follow the link to read what he’s been up to.

Helen Mac Mahon ‘Fortuna’ at MART

Helen Mac Mahon will be showing work as part of the MART Experiments series. It opens on Monday the 7th of December at 6pm and will run until Thursday the 10th. Fortuna is comprised of a collection of works at various stages of development whose realisation owes much to the element of chance. The startingContinue reading “Helen Mac Mahon ‘Fortuna’ at MART”

Studio Space Available From December

A studio space will become available from 1st December 2015 in Ormond Studios. Rent is €100-€150/m for all spaces (approximately 2 x 2.5m) and every member also has access to a large project space through our booking system. All members also have access to Wifi, studio tools and equipment. Interested applicants should send a letterContinue reading “Studio Space Available From December”

Helen Mac Mahon – Eidolon, Platform Arts Belfast

Helen Mac Mahon’s exhibition ‘Eidolon’ will be opening in Platform Arts Belfast on Thursday the 1st of October from 6 to 9pm. The show will then run until the 24th of October. For more information see the Platform Arts website or the Facebook event page

Ormond Stew

‘Ormond Stew’ is influenced by the artistic practices of the members currently residing in Ormond Studios from the perspective of its newest members. The exhibition examines how practices can exist and influence each other in this artist-led initiative. It aims to challenge and reflect upon the creative atmosphere in such an environment, and is anContinue reading “Ormond Stew”

Helen Mac Mahon – ILLUSION on Tour, Petrosains Discovery Centre, Kuala Lumpur

Ormond member Helen Mac Mahon has work exhibited as part of ‘ILLUSION on Tour’, the Trinity College Science Gallery’s touring exhibition, at the Petrosains Discovery Centre in Kuala Lumpur. The show runs until December. ‘Petrosains, The Discovery Centre at Suria KLCC presents a new visiting exhibition – “Illusion”, an exhibition which offers an insight intoContinue reading “Helen Mac Mahon – ILLUSION on Tour, Petrosains Discovery Centre, Kuala Lumpur”

Steven Maybury & Helen Mac Mahon – Quantum Leap

Studio members Steven Maybury and Helen Mac Mahon will be exhibiting work in Quantum Leap as part of the brilliant Foundation15 in Tullamore. The festival runs from the 10th -25th September with a jam packed programme of art, music and theatre and an educational programme that will run alongside it. For more information see theirContinue reading “Steven Maybury & Helen Mac Mahon – Quantum Leap”

Camilla Hanney Awarded Graduate Residency 2015

We would like to thank every artist who took the time to apply for the Ormond Studio’s graduate residency. We received lots of really impressive submissions and the decision making process was not an easy one, however, a decision had to be made and we are delighted to announce that Camilla Hanney is the recipientContinue reading “Camilla Hanney Awarded Graduate Residency 2015”