Film Screening | Derek Jarman | BLUE

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(Thinking About Blue Almonds)

Thank you to all who attended our screening of Derek Jarman’s ‘Blue’ last night. The event is part of our mini series of events ‘Thinking About Blue Almonds’. On the evening we also distributed blue pamphlets with excerpts of Hélène Cixous’ text ‘Sorties’, which explores hierarchal, sociolinguistic structures of male/female gender relations. We will be returning to this theme of binary and hierarchal relations throughout our series of events.


Event Series | Thinking About Blue Almonds

Artist Talks, Events, Exhibition, Members Exhibition, Ormond Studios 2018, Thinking About Blue Almonds

(Thinking About Blue Almonds)

Ormond Studios is pleased to present ‘Thinking About Blue Almonds‘, a short series of events involving a film screening, artist dialogues, an exhibition, and a musical performance that revolve around different meanings and interpretations of the colour blue; melancholy, water, infinity, distance, night time etc. The title is taken from the Polish phrase for day dreaming, ‘myśleć o niebieskich migdałach’, which translates as ‘think of blue almonds’. This lyrical turn of phrase speaks to the creative potential inherent in the act of idle thinking; that porous mental space where relations are created and expanded, where things, concepts and ideas overflow the confines of their conventional parameters and are free to commingle and rub up against one another in odd, thought-provoking and compelling ways.

On March 31st, coinciding with the blue moon, Ormond Studios will hold a screening of Derek Jarman’s seminal film ‘Blue’. Inspired by the monochrome ultra marine paintings of Yves Klein, Jarman’s film consists of a single, opaque, static shot of vibrant blue. Created the year before he succumbed to AIDS-related complications, the glow of the projected frame echoes the filmmaker’s fading eyesight, while the evocative and layered soundtrack conveys Jarman’s artistic vision, his physical, mental and emotional anguish brought on by his terminal illness, as well as explores the meanings associated with the colour blue. This display marks the 25th anniversary of the film’s release.
This event is free but ticketed. Tickets can be booked through Eventbrite (blue moon screening). Please see Facebook event page for more details.