Chloe Brenan participating in open discussion on contemporary practice and printmaking

Studio member Chloe Brenan will be participating in an open discussion on practice and printmaking in contemporary art at Riverbank Arts Centre, Kildare on Monday May 16th 2016 (10am) She will be joined in conversation by fellow artists Emma Finucane and Louise Peat. Chloe will be discussing how her early training in printmaking has comeContinue reading “Chloe Brenan participating in open discussion on contemporary practice and printmaking”

Anicca By Stephen Maybury opens at the Library Project tomorrow Night May 12th

Anicca; a Pali word meaning inconstant, is commonly used to describe the Buddhist doctrine of impermanence. Using the term as a focal point, Maybury intertwines cultural interests, artistic concerns and leisurely rituals as a reflection on our physical relationships in this world. Maybury’s obsessive and peculiar method of ruling faults and forms of found objectsContinue reading “Anicca By Stephen Maybury opens at the Library Project tomorrow Night May 12th”

Chloe Brenan begins artist residency at The Guesthouse Project.

Studio member Chloe Brenan is commencing her month long artistic residency at fellow visual artist-led space, The Guesthouse Project, in Cork city today. The Guesthouse Project is known for creating social and discursive activity in the context of a residential setting, serving as a place for production, meeting and cross-practice peer exchange.

Chloe Brenans “Then Gently Light Unfading”

Studio member Chloe Brenan will be screening her camera obscura film ‘Then Gently Light Unfading’ at the Triskel Art Centre in Cork City tomorrow night, April 16th 2016. The footage will be accompanied by a live performance by experimental sound project ‘The Bonk’. If you are in cork make sure you check it out.

Jessica Kelly – The All-Ireland Colouring Competition

Collaborative zine-making session with Jessica Kelly and friends. Sunday 3rd April, 2pm – 6pm @ Ormond Studios. We will create a colouring book featuring iconic moments of glorious struggle and abject defeat in Irish history, such as: the banishing of the snakes / the Battle of the Boyne / the Great Hunger / the LandContinue reading “Jessica Kelly – The All-Ireland Colouring Competition”

VIDEO POOL #2 with Mary-Jo Gilligan and Jessica Kelly

Mary-Jo Gilligan and Jessica Kelly will hold an open studio event in the project space on Sunday 20th March at 7:30pm: We are currently collaborating on ‘A Dancer Drowned’, a project about movement and immersion in an interconnected world. As part of our process, we are sharing videos with each other on these themes. YouContinue reading “VIDEO POOL #2 with Mary-Jo Gilligan and Jessica Kelly”

2016… Ormond Members Group Exhibition

2016… Exhibition opening 6-8pm Thursday 18th February. Continues Friday 19th – Sunday 21st 12-4pm Ormond Studios, 6 Ormond Quay Lower, Dublin 1. 2016… is a spontaneous exhibition by members of Ormond Studios, an independent artist-led space in Dublin City. The title announces a here and now, whilst invoking an unknown, or perhaps an invitation toContinue reading “2016… Ormond Members Group Exhibition”