Laura Poff -There is nothing more…

There is Nothing More… There is Nothing More… is the first solo exhibition by Laura Poff. Her practice is predominantly drawing based and also encompasses sculpture and installation. Through repetitive methods and actions, she creates works that endeavour to evoke something of the meditative state involved in their construction. She references organic forms and patterns,Continue reading “Laura Poff -There is nothing more…”

VIDEO POOL #2 with Mary-Jo Gilligan and Jessica Kelly

Mary-Jo Gilligan and Jessica Kelly will hold an open studio event in the project space on Sunday 20th March at 7:30pm: We are currently collaborating on ‘A Dancer Drowned’, a project about movement and immersion in an interconnected world. As part of our process, we are sharing videos with each other on these themes. YouContinue reading “VIDEO POOL #2 with Mary-Jo Gilligan and Jessica Kelly”