Deirdre Brennan | Photography | Palm Springs Photo Festival

  Studio member Deirdre Brennan’s photographic coverage of the 8th Amendment will be featured in a slide show presentation at ‘Palm Springs Photo Festival’ on Wednesday 9th May. For more information, check out the ‘Palm Springs Photo Festival’ website here:

Musical Performance | The Bonk | Haint Blues

(Thinking About Blue Almonds) As part of the artist-led event series ‘Thinking About Blue Almonds’, Ormond Studios has invited musical ensemble ‘THE BONK’ to perform ‘Haint Blues’ at our exhibition closing event on Thursday 19th April. ‘THE BONK’ is a broad-based musical project headed by Waterford songwriter and improviser Phil Christie (O Emperor). Gathering influencesContinue reading “Musical Performance | The Bonk | Haint Blues”

Exhibition | Thinking About Blue Almonds

(Thinking About Blue Almonds) Ormond Studios would like to thank everyone who came to the opening of our exhibition, ‘Thinking About Blue Almonds’, on Thursday 12th April. It was a lovely evening! The exhibition continues until Thursday 19th April. Opening hours are 12-4pm. All are welcome! Image credit: Deirdre Brennan

Artist Talks | Emma Finucane and Saidhbhín Gibson

(Thinking About Blue Almonds) Ormond Studios would like to thank Emma Finucane and Saidhbhín Gibson for discussing their artistic practices as part of our event series, ‘Thinking About Blue Almonds’. Both artists responded to the thematics of the event series, the title of which is taken from the Polish phrase for day dreaming, ‘myśleć o niebieskichContinue reading “Artist Talks | Emma Finucane and Saidhbhín Gibson”

Exhibition | Thinking About Blue Almonds

(Thinking About Blue Almonds) “Stay up late. Strange things happen when you’ve gone too far, been up too long, worked too hard, and you’re separated from the rest of the world” (Bruce Mau, The Incomplete Manifesto for Growth) Ormond Studios is pleased to present its annual member exhibition ‘Thinking About Blue Almonds’, featured as partContinue reading “Exhibition | Thinking About Blue Almonds”


(Thinking About Blue Almonds) On April 10th, Ormond Studios has invited artists Emma Finucane and Saidhbhín Gibson to discuss their respective practices. This event is free but ticketed. Tickets can be booked through Eventbrite –…   Images: Left: Emma Finucane, ‘Pelvis’, installation, Exhibition View: Mermaid Arts Centre, 2017/18 Right: Saidhbhín Gibson, ‘Peripheries’ – detailContinue reading “ARTIST TALKS | EMMA FINUCANE AND SAIDHBHÍN GIBSON”

Film Screening | Derek Jarman | BLUE

(Thinking About Blue Almonds) Thank you to all who attended our screening of Derek Jarman’s ‘Blue’ last night. The event is part of our mini series of events ‘Thinking About Blue Almonds’. On the evening we also distributed blue pamphlets with excerpts of Hélène Cixous’ text ‘Sorties’, which explores hierarchal, sociolinguistic structures of male/female genderContinue reading “Film Screening | Derek Jarman | BLUE”

Event Series | Thinking About Blue Almonds

(Thinking About Blue Almonds) Ormond Studios is pleased to present ‘Thinking About Blue Almonds‘, a short series of events involving a film screening, artist dialogues, an exhibition, and a musical performance that revolve around different meanings and interpretations of the colour blue; melancholy, water, infinity, distance, night time etc. The title is taken from theContinue reading “Event Series | Thinking About Blue Almonds”