Film Screening | Derek Jarman | BLUE

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(Thinking About Blue Almonds)

Thank you to all who attended our screening of Derek Jarman’s ‘Blue’ last night. The event is part of our mini series of events ‘Thinking About Blue Almonds’. On the evening we also distributed blue pamphlets with excerpts of Hélène Cixous’ text ‘Sorties’, which explores hierarchal, sociolinguistic structures of male/female gender relations. We will be returning to this theme of binary and hierarchal relations throughout our series of events.


Event Series | Thinking About Blue Almonds

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(Thinking About Blue Almonds)

Ormond Studios is pleased to present ‘Thinking About Blue Almonds‘, a short series of events involving a film screening, artist dialogues, an exhibition, and a musical performance that revolve around different meanings and interpretations of the colour blue; melancholy, water, infinity, distance, night time etc. The title is taken from the Polish phrase for day dreaming, ‘myśleć o niebieskich migdałach’, which translates as ‘think of blue almonds’. This lyrical turn of phrase speaks to the creative potential inherent in the act of idle thinking; that porous mental space where relations are created and expanded, where things, concepts and ideas overflow the confines of their conventional parameters and are free to commingle and rub up against one another in odd, thought-provoking and compelling ways.

On March 31st, coinciding with the blue moon, Ormond Studios will hold a screening of Derek Jarman’s seminal film ‘Blue’. Inspired by the monochrome ultra marine paintings of Yves Klein, Jarman’s film consists of a single, opaque, static shot of vibrant blue. Created the year before he succumbed to AIDS-related complications, the glow of the projected frame echoes the filmmaker’s fading eyesight, while the evocative and layered soundtrack conveys Jarman’s artistic vision, his physical, mental and emotional anguish brought on by his terminal illness, as well as explores the meanings associated with the colour blue. This display marks the 25th anniversary of the film’s release.
This event is free but ticketed. Tickets can be booked through Eventbrite (blue moon screening). Please see Facebook event page for more details.

SEA Foundation visited Ormond Studios

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We had a lovely afternoon yesterday in the studios meeting with Riet van Gerven, Jan-Willem van Rijnberk and Valeria Ceregini from SEA Foundation, The Netherlands.

They also gifted us with a beautiful handmade artist’s book by a SEA Foundation resident, Sidney Aelbrecht. We look forward to meeting them again and hopefully collaborating in the future!


November 17th Artist Talks: Nollaig Molloy, Dorota Borowa & Sarah Edmondson

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Join us in our new space at 4 Ormond Quay for an evening of presentations and discussion with three emerging artists. Nollaig Molloy, an artist based in the west of Ireland, along with Dorota Borowa and Sarah Edmondson from Ormond Studios, will share their work and talk about their practice.

Due to limited capacity, please let us know if you would like to attend.

Nollaig Molloy:

Nollaig Molloy is an multi-disciplinary visual artist based between Leitrim and Roscommon. Graduating in 2012 from National College of Art and Design, Dublin receiving a BA (Hons) History of Art and Fine Art, Sculpture her practice includes drawing, video and site specific sculptural installation. Her work derives from a fascination with the material-to-hand and objects of necessity, through modes of in depth research and engagement with environments and people from local communities. She explores the perception of the everyday and essences of material. Focusing on the interplay between material, people and their surroundings drawing from spatial and material site specificity. She examines processes and techniques of traditional craft, incorporating it within contemporary art.

Molloy’s recent solo exhibition ‘Material Witness’ , Roscommon Arts centre, Roscommon, 2016, other exhibitions include ‘hɛkəl~s’, TACTIC Cork, Cork City, 2015 and ‘HERE/NOW’ as part of Boyle Arts Festival, Roscommon 2014. She is a recipient of the CREATE Artist in the Community Scheme, Research and Development Award Mentoring 2015 with mentor Gareth Kennedy.

Dorota Borowa:

Dorota Borowa is a Polish artist based in Dublin. Dorota received her MFA from the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. She works with painting, drawing, collage, video and photography. Borowa has participated in many solo and group exhibitions in Poland but also in Hungary, Lithuania and Norway and recently in Ireland. She has been awarded a number of Artist In Residency Programs (last residency in Cill Rialaig in Ballinskelligs, Ireland 2015) and also has been longlisted for the 2016 Aesthetica Art Prize.

Dorota works across the range of media including painting, drawing, collage, video and photography. The process of painting has become the starting point for all her recent works and her techniques reflect her works which straddle between reality and abstraction and the fallibility of human memory.

Sarah Edmondson:

Sarah Edmondson is a Dublin based artist, originally from Waterford. She graduated from the National College of Art and Design with a BA (Hons) Art and Design Education, 2012 and from University College Cork, BA (Hons) History of Art and Sociology, 2007.

Sarah uses many mediums in her work in order to explore a variety of different concepts and themes including paint, photography, image transfers, cardboard construction, found objects, stop motion animation and digital film. In her work there is often an interest in space and the occupation or desolation of that space. She looks at our (humans) relationship with objects and how the arrangement of these objects can be used to initiate a personal response or create a narrative. Her installation pieces aim to question the validity of certain information presented to us by the media or the state, including cultural institutions and the education system. She confronts the viewer with fictitious information or scenarios in order to highlight the ambiguity of our learned reality.

Ormond Studios are Relocating to a New Space at No. 4 Ormond Quay, Dublin 1

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Ormond Studios, having spent 7 years at No. 6 Ormond Quay in the heart of Dublin City, are relocating to a new space approximately 20 feet westwards, to No. 4 Ormond Quay.
While retaining our central location in close proximity to galleries and other cultural initiatives, the new space will enable Ormond Studios to continue as a platform for emerging visual artists in Dublin city. It will continue to support the development of arts practice through affordable studio provision, exchanges and residencies, critical discourse, as well as space for larger projects, exhibitions and events.
We will be announcing upcoming activities in the coming weeks over our various social media platforms. In the meantime, our contact email shall remain the same –

Ormond Studios Artist in Residence Screening at the Royal Hospital Kilmainham

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Sinead Keogh, Ormond Studios current artist in residence, will be exhibiting her latest moving image piece ‘Dracula (Love Never Dies)’ at the Irish Museum of Modern Art on Saturday the 29th of October. It will be screened as part of event ‘Prohibition: The Beautiful and the Damned’.
‘Dracula (Love Never Dies)’ is commissioned by The Bram Stoker Festival.

Project Residency: Sinead Keogh

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Ormond Studios are pleased to award emerging artist Sinead Keogh the first ‘Project Residency’, a new addition to our programming.

This award entails a fully subsidised short-term studio space, technical support and PR to enable the development of a piece of work, leading to a specific exhibition or commission. This residency offers time, space and equipment in order to bring a specific piece of work to fruition. It specifically targets artists who are several years out of their formal art training, who are engaged in their practice, but do have the means/opportunities to hold a full-time studio.

Keogh will be developing a video art piece for the Bram Stoker Festival 2016.

Statement of work:

Dracula (Love never dies)
Inspired by Bram Stoker’s Dracula and made specifically for The Bram Stoker festival in Dublin, this expressionist dance film piece depicts a romanticised and gradually progressing relationship between the characters Mina and Dracula. The piece generates a deeply romanticized gothic energy inspired by the Irish post punk band The Virgin Prunes and their live homoerotic interactive performances together. The fact that they were doing this at a time where Irish society was unwilling to accept gay love reminded the artist of how important Stoker’s work was during his time in integrating queer theories between the characters Jonathan and Dracula to the mainstream public. The choreography follows Mina being tormented by the constant presence of Dracula, who follows her even into her dreams in his pursuit for her affections. It is revealed that Mina is the one with the power to possess Dracula as the dance between them unfolds.

Wayward Fruit Tree, Group Exhibition Opening 15.09.16 Ormond Studios

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Wayward Fruit Tree

Dorota Borowa, Chloe Brenan, Niamh Coffey, Nessa Darcy, Sarah Edmondson, Kieran Gallagher, Mary-Jo Gilligan, Jessica Kelly, Helen Mac Mahon and Keshet Zur.

Preview 15.09.16 (6-8pm)

Culture Night 16.09.16 (5-11pm)

Saturday 17.09.16 (2-5pm)

“Do the books that writers don’t write matter? It’s easy to forget them, to assume the apocryphal bibliography must contain nothing but bad ideas, just abandoned projects, embarrassing first thoughts. It needn’t be so: first thoughts are often best, cheeringly rehabilitated by third thoughts after they’ve been loured at by seconds. Besides, an idea isn’t always abandoned because it fails some quality control test. The imagination doesn’t crop annually like a reliable fruit tree. The writer has to gather whatever’s there: sometimes too much, sometimes too little, sometimes nothing at all.
And in the years of glut there is always a slatted wooden tray in some cool, dark attic, which the writer nervously visits from time to time; and yes, oh dear, while he’s been hard at work downstairs, up in the attic there are puckering skins, warning spots, a sudden brown collapse and the sprouting snowflakes. What can he do about it?”
Julian Barnes,
Flaubert’s Parrot.
Wayward Fruit Tree is an exhibition of work by current and past members of Ormond Studios, an artist-led space in Dublin City. Taking the above literary notion of the “reliable fruit tree” as a metaphor for artistic output, the collection of works on display reflect on this nature of art making, specifically the negotiation and communication of ideas within the context of an ongoing artistic practice. Some of the artworks represent ideas as they are in the midst of taking shape, somewhere between conception and fruition. Others are earlier works that were not exhibited publicly at the time of their making, but rather served as springboards for other thoughts. In assembling these kinds of works alongside other recently completed pieces, the exhibition hopes to articulate something of the plurality of timings and rhythms specific to each maker’s practice in their shared context of a collectively run space.

Laura Poff -There is nothing more…

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There is Nothing More…

There is Nothing More… is the first solo exhibition by Laura Poff. Her practice is predominantly drawing based and also encompasses sculpture and installation. Through repetitive methods and actions, she creates works that endeavour to evoke something of the meditative state involved in their construction. She references organic forms and patterns, and through a process of automatic drawing, transforms them into fluid and ambiguous compositions.
The exhibition takes its title from the Junichiro Tanizaki’s essay “In Praise of Shadows”. The works on display take inspiration from the author’s mediation on Japanese aesthetics, and their preference for all things soft and nuanced, specifically the impact of darkness. To quote Tanizaki, “We find beauty not in the thing itself but in the patterns of shadows, the light and the darkness, that one thing against another creates… Were it not for shadows, there would be no beauty.”
The language of the material plays an essential role in this body of work. Poff explores the interaction of light and dark through the manipulation of copper and paper to create sculptural drawings. By aligning contrasting materials, she establishes a relationship between them by using the same process on differing surfaces. She also emphasizes the properties of the materials through an innate sensitivity to the conditions in which the work is presented.
Laura Poff a recent Fine Art Graduate from Limerick School of Art and Design, where she specialised in Sculpture and Combined Media. She is the recipient of the 2016 Ormond Studios Graduate Award.