Chloe Brenan|44AD Gallery, Bath UK

Studio member Chloe Brenan is exhibiting work as part of ’Law of Identity’ group exhibition at 44AD in Bath, UK. The exhibition is curated by international curator by Nina Jesih who has selected artwork responses from across the world, representing what identity means to different individuals. ‘I am not one and simple, but complex and […]

Studio member Chloe Brenan is a participating artist in REPLIKA Issue 2: ELLIPSE.

Studio member Chloe Brenan is a participating artist in REPLIKA Issue 2: ELLIPSE. The issue will be launched on 08.04.17 with a coinciding exhibition of work at Omelette Studios, Mittenwalderstr. 6, 10961 Berlin at 18:00. REPLIKA is a three dimensional magazine bringing together artists from all spheres to explore a unified concept, and to respond […]

Studio Member Chloe Brenan exhibiting in ‘Attitude Precedes Form’, Group Exhibition at The Library Project, Temple Bar, Dublin

‘Attitude Precedes Form’ premieres new work by members of the Black Church Print Studio, responding to the curatorial questions: What are our goals for women in Ireland today? And what challenges do we now face? ‘Attitude Precedes Form’ is curated by Dr. Hilary Murray for Black Church Print Studio, and features works by Ella Bertilsson […]

‘Trickster’ featuring studio member Chloe Brenan at Catalyst Arts Belfast.

Studio member Chloe Brenan is exhibiting new and recent work alongside Alexandra Brunt at Catalyst Arts, Belfast, Opening 6PM, Thursday 1st December 2016. Show runs until December 18th. The trickster is a mythological entity or archetype, indicative of absurd or destabilising re-evaluations of perception and its limitations. The work of both artists explore ideas of rearranging […]

Studio member Chloe Brenan screens new film piece ‘The Hole in The Donut’ at the Guesthouse Project, Cork.

‘The Hole In The Donut’ is a moving image piece that explores the processes and limits involved in vision, perception and representation. These ideas are considered by way of an investigation into the limits of analogue photographic media, utilizing structural film-making techniques such as fixed framing, accelerated shutter speed, close up shots, slow motion and […]

Chloe Brenan participating in open discussion on contemporary practice and printmaking

Studio member Chloe Brenan will be participating in an open discussion on practice and printmaking in contemporary art at Riverbank Arts Centre, Kildare on Monday May 16th 2016 (10am) She will be joined in conversation by fellow artists Emma Finucane and Louise Peat. Chloe will be discussing how her early training in printmaking has come […]