Aideen Farrell

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Aideen Farrell is an installation artist whose work combines research and material practices. She explores the systems and physical structures that shape, represent, and impose order on our built environments. She uses found materials, wood, metal, wire, glass and plaster casts and drawing to construct precarious forms that break up and react to the existing spaces. Incorporating aspects of modular office spaces, showrooms, and architecture expos, she creates objects and navigable installations that merge the model and the spaces that create and display them. Her work weighs the polished, fixed designs of architecture and urban planning against underlying conditions of precarity and collapse.

Aideen is a graduate of the National College of Art and Design with degree in Fine Art Painting and Visual Culture. She is a member of Ormond Studios in Dublin. In 2017 she received the Fire Station Graduate Sculpture Award, was highly commended in the Undergraduate Awards for her degree show work, and exhibited as part of the Catalyst Arts Center Graduate Show. In July she will have her first solo show since graduating, Show Room, at the Linenhall arts center.

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