Book Illustrating with Studio member Bronagh Lee

This year studio member Bronagh Lee published her first illustrated children’s book, ‘The Pain in the Chest’ written by Áine Murray, and has announced the second book she is working on – ‘Rosie’s Magical Umbrella’ written by Karen Ryan.

The Pain in the Chest “follows a girl through her childhood and shows how anxiety has affected her using beautiful illustrations and rhyme, we learn that when we talk about our anxiety, we can find help, and the anxiety loses its power.” In a studio vlog, Bronagh discusses the full process, from reading the manuscripts, sketching and brainstorming, to the finished illustrations.

Having seen the beautiful process behind Pain in the Chest, everyone in the studio is waiting with bated breath for “Rosie’s Magic Umbrella” – “A child’s imagination is a powerful tool, but what if it REALLY could take you anywhere? Join Rosie as she heads out on a rainy day adventure like no other!” (Release date TBA 🐠)

For now, we can share with you the amazing cover art, as well as a of sneak peaks of the inner workings …

Published by Ormond Art Studios

Ormond Art Studios is an artist-led initiative in Dublin city and is a platform for emerging visual artists. It supports the development of arts practice through affordable studio provision, critical discourse and space for events, residencies and exhibitions. The physical studios consists of eight individual artist's spaces along with a separate area that serves as the Project Space. The Project Space offers scope for work on a larger scale, embodied practice and experimentation. It is in this space that feedback sessions, events and exhibitions happen. We believe that critical discourse is hugely beneficial to developing a professional arts practice and essential to a dynamic arts community. Ormond Art Studios encourages members to open up their practise to peer critique and facilitates lively feedback sessions, residencies, and information/skills sharing initiatives. We believe in collaboration and connect with other creative initiatives to develop a network of support for artist‐led endeavours in Dublin and beyond. For more information please contact us at Ormond Art Studios is kindly supported by the Arts Council of Ireland.

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