Sarah Wren Wilson | Exhibition | Sunburst Gallery

Exhibition, Ormond Studios 2018, Sarah Wren Wilson

Studio member Sarah Wren Wilson recently exhibited her solo show A Meddlesome Meeting at the Sunburst Gallery in the Ards Art Centre, Newtownards.

A Meddlesome Meeting is an exhibition that considers the role of painting in contemporary art and what defines it. In these artworks, plaster is used to cast individual panels that resemble paintings. They investigate how the unconventional use of plaster can change both our understanding and categorisation of an artwork. The pieces created are hybrids, caught between the act of painting and sculpture. The compositions seek to offer snippets of structures and systems, translated in an on-going visual dialogue of abstracted forms.

Install Shot IIInstall shot

'Meadow meanderings I_Meadow Meanderings I

'Meadow meanderings II_Meadow Meanderings II

'Casually Bobbing'Casually Bobbing

'Proudly Incomplete'Proudly Incomplete

‘I Blue, Blow Bubbles_I Blue, Blow Bubbles

‘Purposely Inexact_Purposely Inexact

Install ShotInstall shot



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