Artist Talks | Emma Finucane and Saidhbhín Gibson

Artist Talks, Events, Exhibition, Ormond Studios 2018, Thinking About Blue Almonds

(Thinking About Blue Almonds)

Ormond Studios would like to thank Emma Finucane and Saidhbhín Gibson for discussing their artistic practices as part of our event series, ‘Thinking About Blue Almonds’.

Both artists responded to the thematics of the event series, the title of which is taken from the Polish phrase for day dreaming, ‘myśleć o niebieskich migdałach’. They explored a shared impulse within their work to aesthetically shift our relationship to fellow human beings and nature, creating interrelated and interconnected worlds, while moving minds to the sense of wonder and fellowship that promotes empathy, curiosity and a sense of belonging.

We would like to thank our audience members for joining us for this insightful and enjoyable evening.






Image credit: Deirdre Brennan

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