Artist Talks, Graduate Residency, Ormond Studios 2017

Graduate talks cover image (1).jpg


Join us for the third in our 2017 series of talks with emerging Irish artists.

This event will feature shortlisted artists from our Graduate Award, Cará Donaghey and Aideen Farrell, alongside Graduate Artist Residency Recipient Hannah Bloom.

Please note this event is free but registration is required.

Hannah Bloom:

Hannah Bloom’s practice is interested in combining the digital with the material, and finding a way to unite these parallel worlds. Thinking sculpturally, physically and through making, the artist infuses the work with digital media to give it life. Every material responds to being handled in a completely different way; control is always limited by the characteristics of the medium. Bloom embraces this, by having a systematic approach to making work; she has always been drawn to a process which involves setting up a system and allowing the aesthetic outcome to be decided by the material itself, time and the conditions that she has provided. Bloom’s main interest lies in the blurred lines that exist between science and art. Her belief is that science is a means of generating feelings of wonder in relation to an artwork, and that art exposes the mystery and magic in science.

Cará Donaghey:

Cará Donaghey is a multi-disciplinary artist. Originally from Donegal, she has been based in Dublin since 2014. She is a graduate of NCAD with First Class Honours in Fine Print and Visual Culture. Cará is this year’s recipient of Black Church Print Studio’s Graduate Award and is undertaking her year-long membership of the studio at present.

Working with the term ‘the archive’ in a flexible and contemporary sense, Cará’s current work focuses on the operative aspects of archiving – collecting, preserving, and mediating images, drawings, and objects. Photography and printmaking are a grounding point of both ‘the archive’ and Cará’s practice. She is interested in the emotional resonance of place, drawing on her own and other’s experience in an attempt to articulate non-specific memory and history.

Aideen Farrell:

Aideen Farrell is a Dublin based installation artist whose practice explores the processes that shape urban space. Using a combination found materials, wood, metal, wire, thread, drawn lines and text, she investigates the influence of the abstracted symbols of mapping and place marketing over the physical spaces they represent. Her temporary installations draw on the appearance of scaffolding and makeshift construction to create navigable three-dimensional drawings that react to existing spaces. Her work interrogates the power to shape and divide our surroundings.

Aideen is a recent graduate of the National College of Art and Design with a BA in Fine Art Painting and Visual Culture. In 2017 she was awarded the Fire Station Graduate Sculpture Award and highly commended in the undergraduate awards visual arts category. She also recently exhibited in the Graduate Show, Symbiosis, at the Catalyst Arts Centre in Belfast.

Images courtesy of (L-R) Aideen Farrell, Hannah Bloom, Cará Donaghey

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