Helen MacMahon | Project Residency Award

Helen McMahon.jpg

Artist Helen MacMahon is currently undertaking a residency at Ormond Studios as part of our 2017 Project Residency Award.

This award entails a fully subsidised short-term studio space, technical support and PR to enable the development of a piece of work, leading to a specific exhibition or commission.

This residency offers time, space and equipment in order to bring a specific piece of work to fruition. It specifically targets artists who are several years out of their formal art training, who are engaged in their practice, but do not have the means/opportunities to hold a full-time studio.

Statement of Work:

I hope to explore and develop a number of interlinked projects during the six week period of the Ormond Studio Project Award. Firstly, I hope to develop work for an upcoming exhibition in which I am creating a piece that will use the spoken word in combination with its cymatic imagery (Cymatics – the visualisation of sound).

Secondly, I intend to research and create a number of drawings inspired by a quote from the sculptor Anthony Gormley. While discussing his drawing practice, Gormley mentioned his love of the word drawing because of its connection to the idea of ‘drawing’ out… of being a way of connecting inner and outer worlds. I began to see certain drawings in a new light, in particular diagrams, drawings created for functional rather than aesthetic reasons, often scribbled in the sided of texts, never intended for viewing outside of that particular field that had led to significant leaps in the evolution of human knowledge.

I also began to view them in a more ‘energetic’ sense, dynamic rather than fixed drawings. The internal energy of the idea manifested in the physical drawing as the energy of the idea grows, propagates and spreads. I am seeking a way to express this element of the drawings and I intend to experiment with mandala type drawings created by the continuous repetitive creation of the diagrams extending from a central point.

The sample research drawing provided is based on a diagram of human vision by Roger Bacon (1212-92), a medieval philosopher and friar who based his learning on the empirical study of nature.

Published by Ormond Art Studios

Ormond Art Studios is an artist-led initiative in Dublin city and is a platform for emerging visual artists. It supports the development of arts practice through affordable studio provision, critical discourse and space for events, residencies and exhibitions. The physical studios consists of eight individual artist's spaces along with a separate area that serves as the Project Space. The Project Space offers scope for work on a larger scale, embodied practice and experimentation. It is in this space that feedback sessions, events and exhibitions happen. We believe that critical discourse is hugely beneficial to developing a professional arts practice and essential to a dynamic arts community. Ormond Art Studios encourages members to open up their practise to peer critique and facilitates lively feedback sessions, residencies, and information/skills sharing initiatives. We believe in collaboration and connect with other creative initiatives to develop a network of support for artist‐led endeavours in Dublin and beyond. For more information please contact us at ormondartists@gmail.com Ormond Art Studios is kindly supported by the Arts Council of Ireland.

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