Studio Member Chloe Brenan exhibiting in ‘Attitude Precedes Form’, Group Exhibition at The Library Project, Temple Bar, Dublin

Chloe Brenan, Ormond Studios 2017

‘Attitude Precedes Form’ premieres new work by members of the Black Church Print Studio, responding to the curatorial questions: What are our goals for women in Ireland today? And what challenges do we now face?

‘Attitude Precedes Form’ is curated by Dr. Hilary Murray for Black Church Print Studio, and features works by Ella Bertilsson and Ulla Juske, Chloe Brenan. Janine Davidson, Emma Finucane, Rachel Fallon and Eleanor Phillips, Anja Mahler, Sadbh O’Brien, Alison Pilkington and Lee Welch.

The exhibition also features an A&E Session (Analyse and Experiment)’, the latest in a series of panel discussions run by Black Church Studios on January 19th 2017. In this public talk, curator Hilary Murray and exhibition artists discuss the parameters of the exhibition, and the artist’s approach to the work.

Show runs January 12th until January 31st.


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