Studio member Chloe Brenan screens new film piece ‘The Hole in The Donut’ at the Guesthouse Project, Cork.

Chloe Brenan

donutz (2)

‘The Hole In The Donut’ is a moving image piece that explores the processes and limits involved in vision, perception and representation. These ideas are considered by way of an investigation into the limits of analogue photographic media, utilizing structural film-making techniques such as fixed framing, accelerated shutter speed, close up shots, slow motion and contrapuntal loops. The piece records the perceptual limitations inherent in its own construction.

Drawing an analogy between the aperture of the camera and the pupil of the human eyeball, the work highlights the discontinuity upon which perception is based, the caesura or cut. Circular props, which act as frames for negative space, are dropped in front of the camera lens so that it fleetingly captures what they eye cannot see. The empty space of the frame between each descent acknowledges the necessity of absences and voids in the processing of imagery; the darkened chamber of the camera, the eyeball of the operator, the darkroom and finally the darkened projection space.

Similarly the discontinuity inherent in notions of temporality and duration are explored through the use of multiple projections, which overlap and repeat in a complex polyrhythmic loop.

The Guesthouse, 10 Chapel Street, Shandon, Cork

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