2016… Ormond Members Group Exhibition

Exhibition, Ormond Studios 2016


Exhibition opening 6-8pm Thursday 18th February.
Continues Friday 19th – Sunday 21st 12-4pm
Ormond Studios, 6 Ormond Quay Lower, Dublin 1.

2016… is a spontaneous exhibition by members of Ormond Studios, an independent artist-led space in Dublin City. The title announces a here and now, whilst invoking an unknown, or perhaps an invitation to imagine. It also serves as a simple framing device, with some works emerging literally from within dimensions of 20 x 16.

Rather than adhering to a strict overarching curatorial theme, each piece represents a fleeting point in an ongoing creative practice, each with a defined direction specific to each maker, but with an open-ended, undetermined procedural trajectory.
To bring these disparate points together is to reflect on the nature of the shared studio space: a crossroads for converging and divergent pathways.

Artworks appear as both full stops and ellipses, self-contained yet loaded with the possibility inherent in the unstated, suggesting infinite permutations of form and interpretation.

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