Jessica Kelly & Elisabeth Van Dam – LOVEDOLL



A collaboration between dancer, sculptor, philosopher Elisabeth Van Dam and visual artist Jessica Kelly, who defines her video work simply as “moving images”, LOVEDOLL arose from the expressive figures of Van Dam’s autobiographical neon drawings.

As the eponymous LOVEDOLL, she appears as a latter-day Faustian “Gretchen” singing her mad love for her madness making loverman. Her song, a re-working of Schubert’s Gretchen am Spinnrade, inspired by Goethe’s tragic maiden, was created in collaboration with Laurens Marien of Soldier’s Heart.

Bathed in the radiance and colours of a future-Flemish, hallucinatory medieval aesthetic, the metamorphic LOVEDOLL emerges in a fractured video space, with claustrophobic and expansive moments, both fertile and barren. She offers up her fruity delights, simultaneously childlike and erotic, carnal yet unreal, iconic and eclectic, glittering yet dirty.

LOVEDOLL, a collaboration between Ormond artist Jessica Kelly and Elisabeth Van Dam will be shown at the Zaradi Tebe festival in Ghent, Belgium this weekend.

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