New members for Ormond Studios


Ormond Studios is delighted to be welcoming two new members – Steven Maybury and Eoin O’Dowd.

Steven Maybury is a Dublin based artist who’s practice investigates the temporality of material. His focus is on our relationship with the temporary as a way to reflect upon the beauty and the energy rooted in the rhythms and cycles of our surroundings, of our consciousness, and of our interrelationships with the world.

The Drawing Suite
6-Double Speak RHA 2013 copy 2

Double Speak, RHA 2014.

Eoin O’Dowd uses a variety of media in his practice including paper and video collage and sculpture. “Much of my work lends heavily from an ongoing fascination with mythological narrative and folkloric custom and the use of ceremonial and sacred objects in their relation to modernity. These are experiments attempting to correlate what is perceived as sacred within modern sensibilities. As of late, work has focus on the creative method rather than it’s outcome”.

More examples of Eoin’s work can be found at

Eoin O'Dowd - Paper Collage - James VI & I after John de Critz Eoin O'Dowd - Paper Collage - Charles I after Robert Peake

Royal Scots, 2013 (Two from a series of three paper collages)



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